Today’s Descendants: Miya and Nutty

Salt and Katie, from Salt and the Sea Venture, were some of the first English cats to settle in the New World. If you have a cat, it is probably a descendant of Salt and Katie.

Today’s descendants are Miya and Nutty. They belong to a lovely lady named Glynis Jolly. (Isnt’t that the best name ever.)

Here’s a picture of Miya


I love all black cats, but have yet to write one as a main character in the Colonial Cats series. Since Salt, the father is white, they have all turned out to have some white in them. But I certainly will have an all black cat in one of my books soon. Perhaps in my upcoming book about the Salem Witch Trials.

Here’s a picture of her little Nutty.


What a little doll she is. This is how I imagine Pepper, from Pepper and Pocahontas looking.

Not only does Glynis care for the cats in her home, she also has several outdoor cats who have adopted her.


Notice the gender specific names for the younger cats. Whoops, as so often happens, there was some confusion about the sex of these kitties. They have since been re-named as befits their correct gender.


Oh well, I’m sure they are fine either way. I thought it was interesting that the two boys have those short Manx tails. What an interesting family.

Anyway, Glynis is a fantastic person. Her story is one you should really check out. Her blog is  She has overcome a great deal in her life. What an amazing person.

Thank you Glynis for sharing your cats and yourself with us.

If you have a cat that I can feature on my blog, please e-mail me at


About mgill0627

I've always been a story teller. This made for some interesting missing homework and late for curfew tales. But I've never had a head for the pedantic rules of grammar and spelling. This made for some interesting comma placement and spelling choices. About ten years ago I decided to figure out how to share my stories, in spite of my shortcomings. I'm lucky to have great colleagues who can help me with the fine details. My favorite class in school was American History. The Colonial Cat's series gives me a chance to write about the great history of the United States and cats!
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4 Responses to Today’s Descendants: Miya and Nutty

  1. Sweet cats and pretty/ 🙂


  2. Glynis Jolly says:


    Thank you for all the good things you said. I certainly wasn’t expecting any of it. Just so you know, the father of the three outdoor kittens/cats is Jake, a Manx who has been visiting our deck since we first moved in 7 years ago. He must have belonged to someone someplace at one time. He a pure white Manx with a sweet disposition. This kind of cat is expensive. Charlie looks a lot like Jake except Jake doesn’t have a tail at all.


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