Today’s Descendants: Cookie, Tribble, Peach, Colby

Salt and Katie, from Salt and the Sea Venture, were some of the first English cats to settle in the New World. If you have a cat, it is probably a descendant of Salt and Katie, or one of their fellow cat- colonists.
Salt and the Sea Venture???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Today’s descendants live with the extremely talented Angela B. Chrysler and her family in New York. Angela is preparing to launch her new book series:

I for one, am crazy about elves, so I can’t wait to read this. But for now, on to her cats.



Cookie is just what I imagine the offspring of Toady and Valide would look like. You can see the exotic tilted eyes and lush fur of Valide, the aristocratic Turkish Angora; blended with the stripes of Toady, the chubby and charming brown tabby. Four hundred years later, these traits still carry on in our cats.



Tribble, RIP now resides with the anscestors. He looks like a descendant of Captain Butler, who will be featured in my upcoming novel, “Morton and the Maylower.” Captain Butler (CB) is the companion of Captain Myles Standish.



What can I say, Peach with her short, all-white coat is so clearly a descendant of Salt it’s hard to imagine four-hundred years have passed. She could be his daughter.



This dreamy boy is a Norwegian Forest Cat. He informed me that he and his kind were the first cats in North America, having come here with Leif Erikson. I’m glad to include him in the role of anscestor, and even plan to introduce some NFC in an upcoming book about the French and Indian War.

These amazing kitties live with Angela B Chrysler, her husband, three kids, and one heck of an amazing vacuum cleaner. For more info about Angela and her work, you can visit her web site.

Author of the Tales of the Drui
Angela B. Chrysler
Dolor and Shadow: The epic begins April 3rd, 2015!
Pre-orders available February 17, 2013.
Updates and special offers available through my newsletter.

I, for one, can’t wait for April 3rd!


About mgill0627

I've always been a story teller. This made for some interesting missing homework and late for curfew tales. But I've never had a head for the pedantic rules of grammar and spelling. This made for some interesting comma placement and spelling choices. About ten years ago I decided to figure out how to share my stories, in spite of my shortcomings. I'm lucky to have great colleagues who can help me with the fine details. My favorite class in school was American History. The Colonial Cat's series gives me a chance to write about the great history of the United States and cats!
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6 Responses to Today’s Descendants: Cookie, Tribble, Peach, Colby

  1. noelleg44 says:

    Beautiful cats! I had a cat by the name of Magnus who could have been a twin of Tribble. We only have one cat now, Elijah Moon, who was introduced on my blog with a picture of him in our dryer. He is not the sharpest nail but still has managed to create quite a schedule for himself in our lives. Wonder which of this ancestor cats he is descended from? He’s an orange tabby with medium length hair!


  2. mgill0627 says:

    Juse popped over to check out your site, Noelle. Seems your from New England, so your orange tabby, Elijah Moon is certainly a descendant of Morton, from “Morton and the Mayflower.” To be released soon. Morton is Salt and Katie’s son who travels from Jamestown to England and then back to Plymouth on the Mayflower.

    I’d love to feature Elijah Moon and your writing on my blog. You can send me a picture and any details to if you’re interested.


    • noelleg44 says:

      Thank you! I look forward to reading about Morton. I was just thinking about writing an update on Elijah – whom we affectionately call Fur Butt, among other things. So I will keep your offer in mind. Stay tuned. I have to wait for him to do some more stupid things. I did post a story – in several parts – about a cat clowder which lives with some friends of mine. I am totally addicted to cats!


  3. mgill0627 says:

    I’ll check out clowder. If you want Elijah to do some more stupid things, you should send him to visit my cat, Mitchell. He could learn a thing or two from him, I can tell you.


  4. Glynis Jolly says:

    Cookie is so beautiful. His/her markings are fabulous to me.


  5. mgill0627 says:

    I agree. Cookie is a female. Those eyes are spectacular.


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