Cheering Fans

Are you tired of authors cheering about their own books?

Does it bug you when you hear a writer tweet/post/blog “buy my book, it’s great.”?

When someone says “I wrote this awesome book…” Do you believe them?

Of course every writer thinks their book is great. No one sets out to publish something that they think is awful. But I always say, “You can’t smell your own breath, and you can’t judge your own writing.

I’m much more interested in hearing other people brag about your book. And no, your mom, sister, best-friend, etc… do not count. I mean those cheering fans that love your books, even though they have never met you.

If you’ve read something fantastic that you want to share. Post it here. As long as it’s not your own work, or the work of someone you’re close to, we’ll post it.

If you’re an author who has cheering fans, ask them to share with us.

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