Colonial Cats



Barnes and Noble

The Colonial Cats series is an exploration of American History, beginning with the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown. It is written for a Juvenile audience ages 8-12.

The cats come in as the Point-of-View characters for the series. I chose the cats for a number of reasons.

  1. I think children’s books written from a kids POV, but sometimes an animal can be a good substitute.
  2. Cats are great at observing what is happening around them. If they could use human language what stories would they tell?
  3. There were no kids on the Sea Venture, which is the setting for my first book, so in looking for a substitute, I chose cats.
  4. The lives of the early colonists were dismal in the extreme. The cats illustrate that, without making the books dreary and cumbersome.

As I began researching cats, I realized that domestic cats were not indigenous to the Americas. They came along on every ship that sailed to the New World, and eventually spread across both continents. I imagine that cats were behind the scenes for every major event in American History. Some of the first cats would be those who traveled on-board the Sea Venture, like my characters, Salt and Katie. Many of the cats that live in the United States today are descended from those first “colonial cats.”

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